Step by step Yoast SEO Guide | Best Seo for WordPress

Today’s internet world there is no scope of any website without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many companies, organizations and software’s provide the SEO services online and offline both ways. In this article we will talk about one of the best SEO for WordPress websites. And I hope you will understand the step by step Yoast SEO Guide.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best and most downloaded plugin all times in WordPress rating. SEO by Yoast provides you to add Meta description, Keyword adding tool as well as SEO title for all your pages and post of your website.

Step by Step Yoast SEO Guide

Why Yoast is Best SEO for WordPress Websites?

Yoast Seo is also allows you to add focus Keywords of your choice which helps the post to bring at top on Search Engines. Yoast is also allow to add maximum of 70 character of friendly title. Meta description is the best option of SEO by Yoast which make your post more effective when it share on social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many others.

Step by step Yoast SEO Guide

To install the Yoast SEO plugin type the “Wrodpress SEO by Yoast” in the search box of your WordPress website. Or you can install it by write this link in your web browser or by clicking it after installation and activate the Yoast SEO you must configure the plugin.

Step 1

This is the Dashboard of the Yoast SEO. Right down the Notification click the plugin link at the end of first line.

First Step of WordPress Seo by Yoast

Step 2

In the second step of WordPress SEO by Yoast SEO Guide. Welcome screen will be appears. Write here your Name and Email address and click Sign UP or Next button.

Step 2 of WordPress SEO by Yoast

Step 3

After completing the second step Environment window will be appear. Here is the question about which purpose you want to use this. Mostly people chose the first option which is “Production (This is a live site with real traffic).”

Step 3 of WordPress SEO by Yoast

Step 4

In fourth step select the type of the website. Your site is about what Blog, Webshop, News Site, Small business site, Other Corporate Site or Other Personal Site. My Site is about Blog therefore i select the Blog option. You select according to your site.

Step 4 of WordPress SEO by Yoast

Step 5

In Step Five Select the Person or Company and write down name of person or name of company. And click next button.

Step 5 of WordPress SEO by Yoast

Step 6

WordPress SEO by Yoast also provide the facility of your Social networks. Add all your relevant social profile links.

Step 6 of WordPress SEO by Yoast

Step 7

In this step write the title of your website and click Next.

Step 7 of WordPress SEO by Yoast

last Step of SEO by Yoast Guide

It is little acoustical step. Because here is require the authentication of “Google Search Console”. Just login to to your Google Webmaster tools. Come back to this step and click on the button of Get Google Authorization Code. A pop-up window will be appear select your website and click next.

Step 8 of WordPress SEO by YoastAfter completing the these steps your Yoast SEO guide services will be configured. Enjoy your Best SEO Plugin and write your comments in the below comment box. Don’t hesitate to ask any question about this article. I hope you will find positive response. 🙂 Happy SEO Blogging.

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