What is WordPress? How to Install and Use it?

WordPress is an online CMS, (Content Management System). That provide us the full environment of web development, we can also add and install the php scripts, php plugings, php theams and also budgets in it. It is a famous platform now for the bloggers in the world. Millions of websites are created in it now, and millions of people use this platform now. We can control our whole website, write articles, make blogs, design with themes and also can add the multiple features in WordPress.

What is WordPress? How to Install and Use it?

How to Install and Use?

After purchasing the c/panel account from web hosting company, we can do it manually after creating the database and connect it to WordPress. Or we can integrate it by easy steps of just clicking with the help of softwares. When we purchase the c/panel account and login to c/panel there are many softwares and other functions are already install in it. There are two softwares that helps us to complete these steps.

The New Arena of WordPress 4.7 Released

The last version was 4.6.1 (Security and Maintenance Release). And after that WordPress 4.7 (Beta 1) released this is not the end the Software is still in upgrading. Now the the last updates of software is WordPress 4.7.3 (Security and Maintenance Release)


What’s New in Latest Version

Latest version presenting the brand new latest default theme that bring your website toward the healthy life. And impressive header image and video features added that we can customize it.

You can edit and create the shortcuts in your WordPress account dashboard. And you can build the smart menus more than one and change it time to time. An other best option is add to WordPress is Custom CSS. We can also add the custom CSS codes by writing the script.

If you are not from English country don’t be worry about it. Now Company is offering the platform in different languages. Your regional language support your account. Language can be easily changeable that makes work more easier and more reliable. For more future of this version you can also visit this link.


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