How to add free WordPress Contact Form in your Website/Blog?

A.o.a, in this article I will tell you that how to add Contact Us form in WordPress website or blog through easy plugin method. If you want to add this free of cost “WordPress Contact Form” in your WordPress website/blog, simply just login to your website or blog. Click on plugin button and then click on Add New. After clicking on Add New click in search box and write Contact Form. Search box is very nice way to find the solution of any problem in WordPress.

After searching the Contact Us form it will show you many plugins. You can use any contact form according to your choice but be careful before choosing it.

WordPress Contact Form

First Check the rating and reviews of any Plugin before use it. It is big advantage to you because people already use it and review it. So use that which have maximum reviews and maximum active users, it is a sign of good plugin.

Which One am I Using?

I am using contact form 7, search this in search box it will be appear at the top of result. Click on Install Now Button and then click an Activate. It is very simple and easy to use approximately One million people using this at this time.

After activation click on setting there will be a short code appear in the window as shown in the image. Be careful about one thing that in the Mail function.

To: Here write your e-mail address on which you want to receive email.

And now copy that code and paste it where you want to show. Mostly people create a page for it and past that code here. Create new page paste that code and Publish the Page.

Additional Information

If contact us form is not published on your blog/website. Go to your website dashboard, click Appearance, click Menus, tick the Contact Us and click Add to Menu.

Advantages of adding WordPress Contact Form

There are many advantages after installing a WordPress contact form. Your website/blog will look very responsible and professional, because without a contact form; how people will be able to contact the website/blog owner? I’ve added contact form to all of my blogs/websites and will recommend you to do the same.

Many of advertisers who are looking for opportunities to advertise their product, they might be very interested in your blog, but if they can’t find the contact information on the first place then you’ll miss partnership and revenue advantages. Sometimes, blog readers need to contact you, and this is the easiest way for them to contact you.

If you have any question, any suggestion in your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask in comment box. I hope you will receive positive response.

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