Why Swerve Away from a Template Based Website?

As a business, your website needs to project a confident image to potential customers and other stakeholders. It needs to be professional, streamlined and ‘on trend’.

But your budget is tight. Everything is done on a shoestring and that can mean we cut corners. Unfortunately, when it comes to websites that means business owners think that as long as they have a presence online, the job is done.

The Upside of Template Based Website Design

For a new business, template based website design is an ideal solution for the time being. They are not a long-term solution but in the first instance, can offer a start-up or small business;

  • An affordable solution – there are many build-it-yourself website design packages online and with no more than basic knowledge and a few stock photos, you can have a website with a few pages for a small price.
  • Inspiration – templates dictate the style of your website and when designing from scratch, it can be tough to find your brand voice and tone. Templates offer the opportunity to tease out some of these ideas.
  • Short development time – you bought your domain name, you have your products and your promotional campaign is kicking in. You need a website online and live, and fast too. The template based option is literally filling in boxes with your information and pressing the ‘live’ button.

The Downside of Template Based Website design

Template design websites suffice… to a point. As your business starts to expand and grow, the website needs to expand and grow with it. In fact, it will probably need a whole new design because;

  • Other websites have the same design – the content may be unique and you may have used some of your own photos but there is no getting away from the fact that it is not a unique design. You can change the logo but there are elements which are the same from one user to another. Customers are savvy and so they will soon pick up that your website is just like another they have seen…
  • Limited customisation – again, change a few photos, change the font, add unique copy and hey presto! The website is still a template based designed website. There are many facets of template design websites that you cannot change.
  • Not always each engine friendly – for your website to climb the rankings, it needs to be unique. It also needs the background workings to be unique. Not all template designs allow you access to meta tags and descriptions etc. and when they do, the cost of your package shoots up.
  • Not always mobile friendly – we must hold our hands up here and say that most providers now offer this facility but there are still providers using old coding which means your website loses its parameters on mobile devices. This means customers could be scrolling horizontally, a big no-no in website design.
  • It is not bespoke to your business

If the time has come for a bespoke website design, you need a leading agency of web design in Cheshire. The difference it can make to your business is well worth exploring.


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