What type of Internet do I have? Best type of Internet for You

Hey Friends, Don you know what type of Internet do you have and which one is the best type of Internet for you. Today I am going to share some hidden and secrets type of Internet/Web, First of all keep in mind two questions that. What type of Internet do I have and which one is the best type in following three types.

  1. Surface Web
  2. Deep Web
  3. Dark Web.

What is Surface Web?

Surface web is popular kind/type of Internet or web, which is used by every normal user of Internet in the world. You are using nowadays, that you will use in future and I am also using this type of web and I will. Infect this article, this website or URL is also a part of Surface web. Surface web is that the type of web in which any user from the world, any time, from any place without any special permission access it. We can find it through Google, Yahoo, Bing or any search engine. All the Links, URL, Pages, websites that appears in search engine is the part of surface web because these information are public ally and legally available to everybody.

This is the Best type of Internet or Web.
Surface web best type of internet

Best Type of Internet is Surface Web/Internet.

Do you know that Surface web is only 5% of the whole Internet? According the study 95% part of Internet is Deep Web.

What is Deep Web?

This is the Best type of Internet or Web for Special organizations.

Deep web is that part of Internet which are created for some special purposes like Google Drive Store, Universities Data, Important researches of any department, Database of companies, Banks, information of Government Departments/Secrets projects and file.


Deep Web image

Image of Deep type of INTERNET/Web use for Special purposes and Government Organization.

Deep web cover the almost 95% of whole Internet, it’s not appears in search engines. To access it you need special URL, Special Web Address, Special web server or special web address. With any one of them you also need the permission to access the Deep web. Permission may be a login Id or Password, Thumbs impression, eye impression. Without address you canot access the Deep Web, because these webs are not indexed in search engines.

What is Dark Web?

This is the Worst type of Internet or Web.

Above two types of Internet/web you understand but now the third part of Internet which is most dangerous par of Web is Dark Web. “I requested to you and warn you that don’t use it because it is completely illegal”. It is highly requested to you that don’t use it ever.

Dark Web is the type of Internet where you can do anything. Here people can trade the drugs, discussions and trading of weapon and many other things which are not allow me to write here. Dark Web is that black spot of Internet where you can do anything, anytime, anywhere illegally. It’s also not appears in search engines and we cannot access it from normal browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox. Dark web access through Special Browser name is TOR Browsers. You can only access it with the help of Tor Browser but keep in mind again that it is totally illegal. Hera you find all the black marketing. Tor Browser bounce your address from one place to another and finally it reaches to the point. Keep in mind this is not the good type of Internet/web.

Dark Web or Dark type of internt

Image of Dark type of Web/Internet.


Remember that I published this article as information not for illegal awareness and any other bad purpose. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. I always try to respond to questions which are helpful for other readers. Happy Blogging.

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