Increase Website Rank Fast by Redirect Domain Method

Well come friends! Today we will talk about redirect domain. In this article we will learn that what is redirect? How does it work and with the help of redirect a domain who we can rank our website fain in just 48 hours in Google, Bing and other search engines. So if you really don’t know about it keep reading the article till the end.

What is Redirect Domain?

Let’s suppose, I have three or four websites. And all of these are already ranked in Google, Bing and other search engines as well as have good quality backlinks. And keywords of these websites are ranked in Google. I will clear your mind by giving an example;

Redirect Domain (1st)

This is my first website. It have good quality backlinks, very good traffic in thousands, keywords are already ranked, PR (Page Rank) is high. I will redirect this website to my newly launched website named (2nd).

I will redirect my 1st website to the 2nd.

Advantages and Benefits of Redirect all to One Website

Your Second URL will be automatically rank, all those keywords which are already ranked on first site will be automatically rank on the second. Plus point is page rank of the second URL will be also increase very fast. Why it is Necessary? If you want to increase your ranking immediately this is the Magic Tool. Backlinks will be automatically create on my second site.

Form where you can buy Domains for your new Site

If you have valid and good domain it’s well point but if not don’t be worry. You can purchase from Godaddy Actions you will find very good Domain names there. And the second alternative is you can find there amazing domain names, however they are little expensive.

How to do redirect Domain process?

Open your browser and login to your c/panel account of your website which you want to redirect. Click on the “Addon Domains”. Enter your domain and password of c/panel and save it.

Addon Domain and redirection

Now again come to the Home window and again scroll down to the Domain Section and find and click on “Redirects”. Now first select that one which you want to redirect and in second option you can write your newly lunched Website address. I recommend the options which is also shown in the image select to option “Redirect with or without www.” Now click on “Add Button” and the process will be done.

With and without WWW

Bonus Tip

Mostly on Google searches people search for Quotes, Wallpapers, Health, Music etc topics. And these types of topic which have been mostly searches in Google. I recommend that first create and rank one of this topic. And after work on it when you create links, backlinks, Keywords Ranks, PR (Page Rank), and Get high traffic and this site becomes little old. Then Use this option for your New Website. It definitely works, and your website ranked in search engines very fast without any spamming.

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    I use this techniques several times on my niche blogs and every time its work perfectly. Thanks for sharing.


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