Parental Control on YouTube Safety Mode Step by Step

Well friends in in this article we will talk about Parental Control on YouTube Safety Mode. So friends if you are disturbed from vulgar videos or there are kids in your home and you didn’t want children watch these videos. So read these article till the end, I hope you will find this helpful.

Friends YouTube is the third biggest website in the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days and every month peoples, Companies and organizations uploads millions of videos on YouTube. Well these videos could be Entertaining, Educational, Informational or for learning purposes.  And every person either young, old even there are millions and billions of videos also for children in the shape of cartoons, films, music, photos and magic .

While a lot of videos content is not relevant or educational videos and reels can contribute to in class learning across a range of subjects. And there is also some mature contents which we would prefer our children didn’t see.

What is Parental Control on YouTube Safety Mode?

Safety mode settings gives us the full Parental control. It is the setting which keep the user far from mature contents. YouTube Safety mode is an “Opt-in” setting, which mean that it would not take effect until we switch it on.

When the Safety mode is on we have full Parental Control on YouTube and the search never show us mature contents or videos. Especially that videos which are age restricted, also never show relevant to these videos, play-list of mature videos or movies section which belongs to it.

How we turn on YouTube Safety Mode?

Youtube Restricted Mode On

  1. Open your browse, browse YouTube open any video and scroll down to the page footer. Here you will find your language option, your country location and the third is restricted mode.
  2. Change your safety mode settings by clicking “Off”.
  3. Now choose the “ON” button and click on the “Save” button, your safety mode feature will be enable.

Now you running in full Parental Control and your Safety Mode is enabled.

If you have Gmail account, once login to your account and save this setting. That will stop someone other to changing it.

How do lock your YouTube Settings?

Lock YouTube Safety Mode On Browser

  1. Open your Safety mode configuration panel in the footer of YouTube page by scrolling down and clicking on Safety Mode “ON”.
  2. Now you have another option down you radio buttons “Lock safety mode on this browser”.
  3. If you want to activate it login to your Gmail account to enable it.

Now you locked the YouTube Safety Mode in this browser.

If you want to lock on other browser in your computer you have to do same process.

Once you completed the process simply logout from your Gmail account.

If you want to get more information about Parental Control on YouTube Safety Mode visit the link

Now the Company is also providing the free app for kids, especially designed from children aged 3-8 years old.

How to Turn on Safety Mode in Mobile Phones

Well we can also get full Parental Control on YouTube app installed in our mobile phones.

Parental Control On YouTube 1 Parental Control On YouTube 3Parental Control On YouTube 4

  1. Open YouTube application from your mobile, you will find three dots at the Right, Upper side of your mobile screen application.
  2. After clicking these three you will have drop down menu click the settings.
  3. Another window will be open, you will find a list of menus, simply click the first option “General”.
  4. After clicking the General a new window will be open, scroll down you will be find “Restricted Mode”, Turn On this Option.

You have successfully Turn on Safety Mode in Your Mobile Phone.

Every mobile phone have different software but the procedure are some, may be little bit change. But you can do it in every mobile phone easily.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any question, any suggestion, any idea don’t hesitate to share with us by using the comment box. We will response you positively.

Bonus Tips

At the end of this article I will give you a bonus tip. So friends if you want full Parental Control than do this process. It will never take more than 5 minutes.

Parental Control On YouTube 5

  1. Go to History and Privacy.
  2. Now clear the “watch history and search history”.
  3. And turn on the both option “Pause watch history and Pause search history”.
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