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Malware is MALASIS SOFTWARE, which means not a good software. Once If it’s comes in to your computer it can damage your system very badly. First of all we would talk about from where it can be comes in to your CPU. If we talk about today’s Internet world. it is very common thing that Malware get in to your system very easily. Let’s suppose during use the internet you visit the MALASIS Website. Or if you are downloading Pirated Content, Pirated Software, and Pirated Games, Applications or files. Even if you are watching online movies on any MALASIS Website or click on any advertisement. Sometimes you noticed that there are many e-mails in your inbox, these could be Malware infected e-mails. Form all these upper resources “Malware” gets in to your Computer and infect your CPU (Central Processing Unit) very badly.

What is Malware and its Major Three Types

There are Three Major Types Of Malware

Meanwhile if you are not using Internet, in that case if you connect your Computer with any unknown source or Hard drive like CD, DVD, USB, Blue-tooth or Floppy disk etc.

Types of Malware

  • Virus
  • Trojans
  • Worms

These three types of Malware are different from each other’s and effects your computer by three different ways.

What is Malware Virus?

First of all we will talk about Virus, what Virus can do in your computer?. So friends’ virus can effects any particular file of your system or can corrupt your computer’s software or file. For example you have a Documents file in MS-Office format and if virus corrupt this file so this file will be totally priceless and become a Trash. We cannot get any information from this infected file. It will become a Junk file or may be this file make corrupt your Microsoft Software. And if you save this file in any other hard-drive or share this file with friends it will be damage you’re sharing drive and other computers.

Now you understand that “What is Malware” first type and how it is dangerous for your computer.

What is Malware Worms?

Friends Worms is the second type after Trojans. Worms try to multiply their selves. Worms are expandable they tries to expend everywhere in the system.

For example if a Worms get in to your computer it will make copies of different files everywhere in your computer. It will make your computer very slow so in that case if you transfer file from one Computer to another computer. Here it will also make the copies of different file and folders and your both Systems becomes slow.

What is Malware Trojans?

Trojans come with hidden identity and effects the system very badly. You would be happy about it that it is a software but in reality it is very bad type of Malware Trojans. Biggest examples of Trojans are Speed Booster, Memory Cleaners or Antivirus. These are all looking like software but in reality these are Trojans. They seems like boosting your computer speed, will make better memory, will remove any virus from computers. If you install these types of software and once it come in to your computer after that it will show the real face. Expect this it’s also helps other virus, worms and other bad sectors.

These was there types of Malware expect these three there are one more which is called “Spyware” but this is a little different from “MALWARE” we will talk about spyware on another topic.

How to keep safe your computers From Malware?

First of all especially request to all my friends, during use of Internet if you visit any website try to visit the good trusted, big and authentic website.

Don’t ever never click on unknown links.

If you’re watching any type of advertisement like (win an Apple iPhone mobile, win a Toyota Corolla Car, Free visa to Malaysia etc.) Don’t click on these types of ads and don’t open these types of links.

If you receive an email that you are lucky winner and you won the lottery. Or in email there is link for sign-up and asking for to get the bonus etc. like this don’t and trust these types of links if you want to keep far from Malware attack.

If you are going to install any Antivirus software in your computer for safety this is a good sign. But remember that always use paid software or Copy of original version. It will be help your computer to keep safe from virus attacks. But if you are using pirated Antivirus software even high profile like. (Antivira, MacAfee, Node32, or Symantec etc.) if these are pirated versions so keep in mind that these are not beneficial.

Don’t download the pirated content it’s not necessary that every pirated contents have Virus but some of these have be careful while downloading.

While connecting the CD, DVD, USB or any drive to your computer first confirm. That is the source of these things are good or not. It would be better if you are scanning it with paid software before using.

Bonus Tip

Let Suppose If your computer is already have Virus, Worms or Trojans so format your Hard Drive completely. If you want to increase Internet security you can use Firewall.

If you have any question, any opinion, any suggestion about Worms, Trojans. And other types so don’t hesitate to write us by using the below comment box. Because we know that your comments are precious for us.

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