List of Free and Paying LSI Keywords Finder Tools

Well friends today we’ll talk about definition of LSI Keywords. Tool for finder/generator that keywords also will have a little example. LSI expend as (Latent Semantic Indexing) and these are semantically keyword that you are looking for. That could be synonym or may be keywords that are similar in meaning. It helps the Google to get the meaning of the question of user that he/she write in the search bar.

How to Find Free LSI Keywords

There are many tools on internet that provides the services to find the relevant keyword. Some of them are paying and some are non-paying. Well for top ranking in search engine you must have to focus on quality not on quantity. I recommend to test following free tools to find Lsi keywords;

Free and Paying LSI Keywords Finder Tools

List of Free LSI Keywords Finder Tools

  • LSI Graph

Lsigraphp is world’s best lsi keywords generator tool. That offers you free services to generate latent semantic indexing words for your articles. Mostly SEO experts use this tool to get relevant words. When you type in search bar, it shows 50+ result to you for one word and its result is mind-blowing.

  • Google Search Bar Generator

Well Google search bar is another free example to find the essentially keywords. When you type in Google search bar it will automatically generate the second word for you as a suggestion. And when you complete your search result at the end of page there are suggestion for you; that people also search these topic. These both tools are used to find as LSI keywords.

  • Google Trend Tool

Do you know that what other people are search around you or in your area, in you city or Country. Definitely you don’t know Google trend services provided by the Google Company that helps you to find most searching topic in your area. These searches also can help you to find some good relevant keywords.

  • Keyword Gen

It is another great tool for keyword planning, it gives the ideas based on search engines popular searches. KeywordGen works very fast as well as they no need to sign up and sign in. Go to website type in search bar and find ideas related to your niche.

  • Niche Laboratory

Nice laboratory provides multiple services at once free of cost. Go to Niche laboratory website type your keyword and click on Generate Report as you click process will be start. After completing research one line message will be appear down side of search bar in the shape of “Job Complete! View your Niche laboratory here”. Just click on the page and see amazing result, it will also show you the links of all webpages related to your search. Also show the niche and LSI Keywords.

  • Twin Word

Twin word is magic tool that gives the ideas and Suggestions, Trending base on location, LSI Graph. And other features like relevance, average monthly searches, organic and paid searches. This is one of the best designed tool ever I seen till now. Work on it give me the feelings like that I am playing with words.

  • Keyword Shitter

Don’t judge this website on the base of name because this tools can generate lots of suggestion for you in seconds and you can download it as .txt file.

List of Paying LSI Keywords Finder Tools

  • Semrush

Semrush one of the best paying tool to analyze your website data and this tool is trusted by most popular companies in the world like, eBay, amazon, Disney, booking hp etc. Well semrush is paying tool to use but some features that we can use for free. Once you need to create an account and login to your account after that you can find on your dashboard Keyword Magic Tool (BETA) which gives you the complete information about one word.

  • Serpbook

Serpbook is also paying tool which show the ranking of your page and keywords in Search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can use it by paying little monthly bill $9 or if you want to find relevant words you can find it free by using this trick. Just create an account and login to it, go to dashboard and click on Add Keyword, type your URL address and write the words in box bellow. As you start typing you will find Add suggestion bar at the left site, which is also a best way to find Suggested Keywords for your website. You can use this tool free of cost but to track your ranking in Google you must have to pay after 25 entries.


Mostly SEO expert use With this tool you can find LSI Keywords free of cost but if you want to know the monthly search volume, CPC and competition than you must have to upgrade your account to pro version.

  • Ahref

If you want to use paying tool for your website to find relevant and estimate the website data so I will recommend you to use Ahref tool. This is the complete set that gives you the data of your all links, “LSI keywords”, Competitive analytics, Content research, rank tracking and web monitoring.

Small Video List Of Free & Paying LSI Keywords Finder Tools

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