How You Can Gain More Followers on Your Instagram Page

If you are looking to get more real Instagram followers to your profile then there are many methods which you can employ and today we are going to take you through some which you can use to great effect. For businesses, Instagram plays a key role in driving sales and building brand growth and for individuals, it is a great way to show off what you are doing each day, without giving too much away about yourself. In order to get more Instagram followers, here are the steps which you need to take.

Clean Up Your Profile


The first thing which you will need to do is to clean up your profile so that it follows a theme, and so that it is all filled with high quality content. I you are trying to create something serious then those photos from a decade ago in Cabo probably aren’t the best yes of content to have on your profile.

Hashtag Creativity

Hashtags play a really key role in how Instagram operates and a great way to shine a light on your Instagram content is to create a relevant hashtag which everyone can get involved with. Be smart with your hashtags and think about something that works on many levels, for example #johnscoffee is unlikely to be used in any other type of post and so you need to get creative and use something relevant to your business, which can also be used for other reasons.

Get Involved

If you are active in highly popular conversations then you will increase your chances of visibility to people who don’t follow you, and therefore increase the followers which you have. Getting involved in these conversations relies on you adding something of value to the conversation, rather than simply saying anything.

Go Local

If you search on Instagram for your local area, you will see an abundance of posts from people doing things near you, this is something which you need to tap into. If you are able to post relevant and local content, you can attract a greater following from those who are active in your locality.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are absolutely great for encouraging engagement and furthering your reach to people who aren’t yet followers on your Instagram page. Calls to action are questions within your content which call on people to get involved and engage, use this wisely and you can count on many new followers.


Instagram is a community like any other social media site and if you want to bring people to you, you may have to go to them first. Find people within your niche who are creating great content and engage with them and share the love for what they are doing. You will find that through doing this you can attract many more followers by virtue of reciprocation.

Follow these steps and you’ll see more Instagram followers in no time at all.

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