3 Tips of Google Keyword Planner during SEO Work

Google Keyword Planner tool is the sub-category or component of Google Ad words. And this is the best tool to find the best keyword for your article/blog or website. These service provided by Google Company because of it, this is the best tool where we can get accurate data from Google.

To login to your account you only need registered g-mail and password, open the browser and search for Google keyword planner tool. We can find any kind of word it may be about Fashion, Cricket, Football, SEO, Marketing, Blogging, Website, Health, and Insurance. Write the word about which you want ideas so it will provide you thousands of planner words related to your search.

Specific Search of Google Keyword Planner

How to do specific search?

If your blog/site is regional and you want to search for only one or two countries. Location option helps to search in specific area like you can set the United State or Canada location that what people search in these countries. Language option is also support the regional language to search words in other languages. The other best option is that you can also change the search engine between “Google” and “Google and other search partners”. Filter and date range option is also helps to get some awesome ideas and history of any word.

Google Keyword Planner Working Area

Three Majorities Must See Before Select Keyword

    1. Monthly Searches

    You must have to select that word which have more numbers of Avg. Monthly Searches”. Select proper and appropriate words that is mostly in Trends and people search that words in Google search box as well as in other search engines. That will helps your site to increase the Crawling and indexing.


    1. Competition Level

    “Competition” is the number of advertisers that shown on each keyword relative to all keyword across the Google. There are three categories of competition.

    • High
    • Medium
    • Low

    The best choice is Low competition keyword for beginners. But the Medium level keywords also better choice.  With low and medium we can bring our site/blog easily in top of search engine. But with high level keyword it is very difficult to bring site at the top of search engines.


    1. Worth of the Word

    Last thing we might never ignore is Suggested bid or we can say that worth of the keyword. It is the bid by advertiser that how much money they spend on the keywords. If you want more money from your ads you might select the high bid keywords, it will grow your income very fast.


    Bonus Tips

    During the works in Google keyword planner you have to careful about these three things at once Monthly searches, Competition Level and Suggested bid. Choose the Combination of these in one planner, which helps you site fast indexing in search engines, your add income will increase and your site will on the top of Google Ranking.

    I hope you will find this article helpful. If you have any question, any idea, any suggestion use the below comment box and leave your message. Don’t Hesitate to contact me you will receive positive response ever. Happy working.

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