Google Docs Best Online Document Management System

Google Docs Best Online Document Management System

Google Docs is wonderful product of Google, where we can create online Documents, edit the saved files and also store the files, media or documents online. Three things an Internet connection, Laptop/Computer or good quality mobile phone and third thing is updated web-browser is need to access and work in Google Document. Google Documentation is one of the best online application package offered by Google.

Google Docs

Future of Google Docs

“File” Menu Option

The arena of this online application is amazing to work, friendly working environment where we can save thousands of files. Access these file again and make changes in it, rename the file, make a copy of file. Move to folder, move to trash, share the files and see history.

Language option is make it easy to work and write your religion language, it can be change in language option. You can also download file as Microsoft Word Format, PDF Format and many other formats. Publishing Option is easy to publish document on the web, also send via email to your working colleges. Page setup option make easier to set the size of the page and the last option in File menu is Print. If printer is connected to your computer you can print it easily.

“Edit” Menu Option

In edit option we can Undo the file, Redo the file, Cut, Copy, Paste as well as Paste without formatting. Web clipboard, select all and select none and also can find and replace the word as we work in MS Word. These all function also have shortcut button we can done these functions with the help of keyboard.

“View” Menu Option

View function shows print layout, ruler in working area, working mode, equation toolbar, spelling suggestion, compact control and full screen.

“Insert” Menu Option

We can insert images, links, Equation, Drawing, Charts, Tables, Comments, Footnotes, and Special Characters. Horizontal Line, Page number, Page count, Page break, Header, Footer, Bookmarks and table of contents.

“Format” Menu Option

In this option we design and giving styles to the fonts, making it small and large, align the contents. Formatting the fonts, images, and whole document.

“Tools” Menu Option

If you can’t write by pressing keyboard, don’t be worry it’s the age of technology. Turn on the voice typing function, connect your microphone and speak it will be auto typed. And you want to translate your paragraph to other language turn on the “Translate Document” function. Spells checking and word count functions makes more accurate your document.

“Table” Menu Option

It is also provides you the table function where you can add thousands of columns and rows in your table and add the data in the table. There are many other options to play and style the table.

“Add-Ons” Menu Option

Add-Ons One of the best function of Documentation, I like it personally because it allows to search the online images and other data by adding extensions to your browser.

“Help” Menu Option

Don’t be ignore this function because this is king of this article where have all the “Keyboard Shortcuts.” Must see all the shortcuts to bring speed in your document works.

Working in Google Docs

Advantage of Google Docs

Google Online Documentation system have lot of advantages. It saves the money to buy software form market or online. Save of time, automatic save and backup of your data, save the space of your hard-drive. Friendly environment for work, online images can be add, search bar make it easy to search your document fast. Easily accessible anywhere in the world with your G-mail. List and Grid view of documents, Sorting Option easily to sort how you want and many other advantage and futures you don’t know. Just visit and try it. Happy Working with Documentation.

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