Is Technology Good or Bad? Negative effects of Tech

What you think Is Technology Good or Bad? I know you are thinking that, now age it is very useful and play a major role in our lives. But there are some negative effects of technology in the world not only tech. everything is in the world have some advantage as well as some disadvantages. There are very few things that have only Good Effects without any bad effects. In this article we would talk about a software which effects human life very bad and put the people’s life in very difficulties.

Is Technology Good or Bad, Negative Effects of technology

VBG Fake SMS Sender Software | The Evil Software

I become surprised when I hear about this software which is called VGG Fake SMS Sender Software. This is worst software I saw in my life and this is the biggest “Negative Effect of Technology” still now. This is Bad Spot of I.T. (Information Technology) world not a good sign of technology. This software is used for send messages from mobile by using someone other mobile number. Be Careful now if you are receiving the bad messages from your home, family and friends so it is advice to you first confirm the situation on call before doing some action.

VBG fake sms sender software

The Biggest Negative effects of this software technology is that some criminal components, Kidnappers, Killers, Smugglers and a lot of other peoples like this can use your mobile number by using this software. it can effects your life very badly. Because people who are using this software are hidden. It’s very difficult almost impossible to trace the location of person or catch these criminal components.

Is this way of technology Good or Bad?

I don’t know the person who develop this software. What was his/her purpose to developing this? You and me thinking that it’s totally wrong, we can’t get any advantage from it. If you are using these types of Negative Technology So, it is requested to you remove it from your Mobile, laptop or PC. Always remember that technology means bring the human life easy and reliable not to put it in troubles.

Goal of the Topic

The main aim of to talk on the negative effects of technology is that these types of software’s are easily available in market. Human life are connected to some good people and some bad peoples. Good peoples are Friends and bad peoples are Enemies. If your enemies wants fight between you and your friends. They may use their worst method, and may be this type of technique one of them. So if you receive these type of SMS, so first confirm it by phone call before taking any action.

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