12 Biggest Difference Between Wifi vs Lifi Technology

Wifi vs Lifi both are different technologies to use Internet in the world. Li-Fi Internet technology is much faster than Wi-Fi technology. Well first of all in this topic we’ll have little look difference between these two Internet providing sources Wifi vs Lifi. Now in today’s Internet World seems like mostly peoples feel bore without Internet.

For fast connectivity to the friends, family and other official works, everybody needs fast data package or Wifi Internet in range. As technology developing, everything especially relevant to technology like. Mobile, networks, internet, computer, hardware & software and other same things related to it is going fare, small, fast, featuring. And also becoming more useful and reliable.

Difference Between Wifi vs LiFi Technology

Mostly world still using Wifi but after using the Lifi technology you will become surprise, because according to people who introduce Lifi, It’s more than 50% to 90% faster than Wifi.

Well friends now we compare the both of Internet technologies.

What are WiFi and LiFi full forms

  • “WiFi technology is Wireless friendly.
  • “LiFi” technology is Light friendly.


  • Wifi technology transmits data using radio waves with the help of Wi-Fi Router.
  • Lifi technology transmits data using light with the help of LED Bulbs.


  • Will have interference issues from nearby access points (Router).
  • Do not have any interference issues similar to radio frequency waves.


  • WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad standard complaint devices.
  • Present IrDA complaint devices.


  • Used for internet browsing with the help of Wi-Fi kiosks or Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Used in airline, undersea exploration, in the hospital operation theaters, home and offices for data transfer and internet browsing.


  • Interference is more, cannot pass through sea water, works in less denser region.
  • Interference is less, can pass through salty sea water, works in denser region.


  • In WiFi, RF signal cannot be blocked by the wall and hence need to employ techniques to achieve secure data transfer.
  • In LiFi, light is blocked by the walls and hence will provide more secure data transfer.


  • WLAN-11n offers 150Mbps, about 1-2 Gbps can be achieved using WiGig/Giga-IR.
  • About 1 GBps.


  • 2.4GHz 4.9GHz and 5GHz.
  • 10 thousand times frequency spectrum of the radio.


  • Wifi Works in less dense environment due to interference related issues.
  • Lifi Works in high dense environment.


  • About 32 meters (WLAN 802.11b/11g), vary based on transmit power and antenna type.
  • About 10 meters.


  • Requires routers to be installed, subscriber devices (laptops, PDAs, desktops) are referred as stations.
  •  Lamp driver, LED bulb (Lamp) and photo detector will make up complete LiFi System.


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