Difference between Web Developer and Web Designer

Hey Friends! In this article we will learn that what difference between “web developer and web designer” is?. Web Developer and Web Designer are actually the experts who work in these two terms. This may be a one person expert in both terms or also may be two different persons. Web Designing and Web development are two different courses and these have different elements which are used in it. If we need to develop a complete static website, we need to expert in both of technologies. These two courses are joint with each other, we’ll take an example of a car.

Difference between Web Developer and Web Designer

For example: if you have a Car, the outside elements of a Car like body, Mirrors, Windows, Doors, Tires etc. These are just like the first term, I mean Web designing. And now if we look inside the car like Seats, Engine and steering etc. These are the second term I mean Web Development.

What is Web Designing and Web Designer?

In Web Designing process Designer analysis and collect the ideas from peoples. After collection it web designer implement design on these ideas to make it real by the help of design principles. We can use different tools for it like, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator or Flash etc. And many other tools also are available in market by which we can make best design easily for websites. There are many terms included in Web Designing like.

  • Website Layout.
  • Colors.
  • Fonts.
  • Graphics (Images/videos).
  • Contents etc.

The Person who does all these tasks is called “Web Designer”.

What is Web Developing and Web Developer?

If we talk about web development/developing, it is the next step after designing. Next step mean when you complete your whole design of website. Then implements some formulas, make some connections with database. In these steps we developer use different languages, scripts and codes as well as software if necessary. Also implement some functions and tasks, means how does our website functionality would be work? Web development includes following terms.

  • Creates the inner working of a website
  • Includes different programing languages
    • (PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby, JavaScript)
  • We also use a database to store data
    • (MySQL)
  • Develop the user interface.
  • Need Good coding experience, coding language is must.
  • Need Tools like Dreamweaver, VS-Code, Notepad++ and Sublime.

The person who does all this developing process is called “Web Developer”.

Bonus Tip

Some peoples don’t understand difference between web designing/designer and web development/developer. They think the both are some but actually these are different from each other. If you want to become a web developer or a good web designer I suggest there is high scope of these in it field. And you if you are a good web designer or web developer you can get job easily anywhere in the world. And can get maximum good salary as doctors and engineers. The maximum duration of this course is 6 months or 1 year but just course and degree is not enough. The most important thing is experience without it certificate have no value.

I hope now you properly understand difference between web developer and web designer. If you have any question, any suggestion, any opinion about this article. Don’t hesitate to write in comment box because we know the value of your writing. You would always got positive response. Happy Website.

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