Adobe Dreamweaver CC Software Introduction Uses & Benefits

Adobe Dreamweaver or DW is basically application tool or Software by the Adobe Company. In which user can build a websites, design the webpage, create webpages and also can develop applications very easily. Web Designers use Adobe Dreamweaver for designing purposes. This software is so important for web developers and web designers. Without touching Dreamweaver you can’t become a successful web designer because Dreamweaver is still used in offices and (I.T) departments.

Adobe Corporation is a company that have many other products like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver is also a product of that company. Dreamweaver Short form is DW. So DW is a software which is designed to create web templates and to use all the latest web technologies or web languages with easy steps and click.

What Web Language Languages Dreamweaver Support?

Dreamweaver CS (CS is latest Version)  supports all well know web languages and formats such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net, Perl, Python, Java and many others. DW software also supports programming languages such as C#, C++ and Microsoft.Net technologies. Basically this is a designing and developing software user can also does development along with design therefore it supports all the famous languages. Adobe team includes all the latest languages as the language develop and come to market.


Intorduction to Adobe Dreamweaver Software, Uses and Benefits


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Why Adobe Dreamweaver Software?

DW is used to save time and work faster than writing codes in a text editor such as notepad and notepad++ etc.

Adobe DW is very easy to use tool to create website in hours and even in minutes if you have ready template.

DW has a lot of samples to create a website form and also every tag of every language to insert by using simple click.

Differentiate Between Notepad (Coding) DW (Software)

Example 1:

  • Notepad takes 20 hours to create a DYNAMIC WEBSITE DESIGN.
  • DW takes 1 hour to create this DYNAMIC WEBSITE DESIGN.

Example 2:

  • I want to make a text bold, for this I’ll have to write an HTML code in Notepad myself.
  • The same thing I can do in DW by simply clicking the “B” Option and the HTML code will be insert automatically in it.

What you should already know to work in this software?

It is very good if you know basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. It’s also good basic knowledge of JavaScript and PHP. While everyone uses Dreamweaver software for their own purposes, such as web designer uses it for designing a templates. While a PHP developer uses it for development of applications.

What you will become after learn Dreamweaver?

Of course, you’ll become a basic web designer after learn the DW Software. It will also give you an idea of how to use Dreamweaver for creating a webpages, how to use Adobe DW for creating a websites. And more importantly, you’ll learn how to insert HTML tags and CSS style.

If you have any questions regarding Adobe Dreamweaver Software (DW) or you want to add some more tips then kindly use our comment section. You can also visit and get the product from company official webpage 

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