5 Game-changing PPC Trends that you need to Know before 2017 Ends

Of late, PPC has been loyal partner of SEO and has, indeed, taken online marketing to another level. And, 2017 is taking it further ahead, making it better, more precise in its effect and game-changing altogether, even if you are the best pay per click marketing firm. Yes, this year has brought PPC trends that you need to know if you want to be on the top of the game.

Apart from PPC growing as one of the most widely adopted online marketing media, there are some other noteworthy trends that are being witnessed this year. Here are 5 of the top trends that will make a difference to your paid marketing campaigns.

Trend #5

Going Mobile

Well, the trend had been catching up, but this year, it’s like never before. There were over 1.5 billion daily active users for mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, iPads, notebooks, etc, in December 2016. This number has only gone up in 6 months. If your PPC campaign is not aiming at what the requisites of mobile ads are, there is little chance you are getting ahead with a successful campaign.

What a mobile optimized ad also warrants is a mobile optimized website and landing page. Do not expect the user to pinch in and out of your landing pages to complete the action. Such a situation is an absolute customer repellant. You need to take this in your stride especially if you are aiming Google search users and Facebook users. People access Facebook almost all times of the day, and so, it is vital that you make your ads and website optimized for use on mobile devices.

Also, the ads that use “Call/Call Now” as the call to action, work terrifically well on mobile devices, since all that the user has to do is tap the CTA button. This rarely happens on the computers and laptops. If you rank in the top two places for sponsored ads, you will be the winner. The 3rd and the 4th and the 5th and so on results on a mobile screen are much less likely to be clicked. So, invest in mobile as campaigns, if you will.

So, being mobile is one massive PPC trend for the year.

Game changing ppc trends

Trend #4

The Reign of Google and Facebook Continues, or Does it?

Yes, there is Yahoo and there is Bing, but the two kings that reign PPC marketing are Google search and Facebook. This year too, the reign will continue. Android phones for sure use Google as its default search engine. As for Facebook, it is on diversification spree. Search ads are next on Facebook. It only makes sense to run integrated Facebook and Google ad campaigns to escalate your sales revenues by more than 60% just through PPC.

Bing Ads, though, also continues to see growth since it caters to two search engines, Yahoo and Bing. There is all likelihood for growth here as well since the bids on AdWords go only higher up each year. You can actually get fetch good clicks with Bing Ads for a lower price. If you are still setting up your business, Bing might be a better option for you. It is also continuously adding more ad extensions and enhancing it audience targeting.

Trend #3

Visual and Social Media Effect

Alright, we sure talked about Facebook, but there are other social media platforms also that 2017 has been very welcoming to. The client behavior has seen a tremendous shift in the past year or so. This is why social media is so relevant today. Apart from Facebook, there is Twitter and Instagram as well, which work with a direct approach towards pitching customers. Believe it or not, but young adults as well as adults spend such a substantial part of their time on social media that it is indeed becoming an alternative for searches as far as shopping is concerned. So, this year, spare some budget for these social media platforms.

Also, the audience is a visual organism. Video campaigns are thus, is the latest idea that works pretty well. Video ads are even easier now since Google integrated TrueView with AdWords interface. You can publish your ads within videos, thus increasing your chances of being visible and getting more clicks.

Video advertising is the kind of advertising which will enable you to establish a rather interactive connection with your audience and existing customers. It is certainly more personal and capable of eliciting more clicks, traffic and sales.

Trend #2

Shopping Campaigns Are on a High

Precisely! Product based businesses may have taken shopping campaigns causally, but that is going to be no more. Google Merchant Center, Facebook Merchant Center, and Bing Merchant Center are what will make you sell your product through shopping campaigns. The latest feature of Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns lets you add ratings as well as prices to your adverts. This kind of a complete copy is a very effective way to promote your business. 2017 will see more and more of shopping campaigns.

Trend #1

More Space for Ads

You read that right. With 2017 updates, paid ads will now take up more space on SERP 1 (Search Engine Results Page 1). 2016 already added the fourth paid ad to SERP. ETAs and ad extensions were as it is, the norm, and continue to be so.

The year also witnesses a growth in the type of ads, like we talked of, video ads and listing ads. The e-commerce industry is going to be the biggest beneficiary, indeed. The increased investment in product listings and video ads only means more space on SERPs. With keyword bids, search ads become more expensive by the year. The facility for video ads makes the campaigns more economical, yet getting you better visibility.

And, there is one more thing that makes the paid ads bigger this year – two times expanded ad text. AdWords now gives you a total of 140 character for you ad copy text, this giving you more scope for expression and emotion. The description can go up to 80 characters, while there is auto fetching of the URL. The advertiser can also put two paths to improve the display URL.

All this means better CTR, better click volume, better traffic and well as higher sales.

Ready to take your PPC marketing campaign in stride this year?

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