20 Tips to Improve SEO in Your Blog and Your Post

The first thing that we must keep in mind to start writing in a blog is to follow certain guidelines, which will help us increase its quality, visibility and Improve of SEO. So here I leave a series of recommendations or tips to improve SEO in your blog and in your post.

Structure of a Good Post

Before starting to write any post we must have clear what its structure will be. Every post should have the following elements:

  1. Title: this should not exceed 88 characters and contain keywords.
  2. Introduction: brief explanation of 3 or 4 lines where we will also introduce the keywords.
  3. Subtitles: to divide sections and thus help to make the reading scan able.
  4. Texts: we must exceed 300 words. The recommended length is about 1,000 words.
  5. Photos: to make the content more visual and break the monotony.
  6. Added section: different section to the subject of the post, but that complements what explained.
  7. Closing: It is usually one or more questions that encourage the participation of the readers.

How to Improve  SEO in Your Blog

1. Have a URL that identifies you

  • The name that appears in the URL of your blog is the first thing that will help us to improve the positioning. We have two main options: we can choose to have our blog bear our own first name and last name or put a name that describes where it is oriented. The first option is good to use when we do not have a very common name and surname and we want to make ourselves known as if it were a brand. The second one helps you more to position since you use your own keywords in the domain to improve the SEO.

2. Use keywords in the description of the blog

  • The meta description of the blog will facilitate the positioning in search engines, so we have to use the keywords that we want to find us. It has a definite extension to if you have to summarize its content efficiently.

3. Make a specialized blog

  • When we have a blog focused on increasing your notoriety, it is best to limit your content to a particular sector in which we want to highlight. We can have some section of “off topic” where you can talk about different things that may interest us and so publicize your interests to your readers, but this section does not have to be the main and not the most content.

4. Create a gravatar

  • A gravatar is the image that appears in the signature of your post or when you comment on a blog. This helps us to identify ourselves with our messages in a homogeneous way, write wherever we write.

5. Section of “about me”

  • Create a section where we can tell a little more about us and why we have focused our blog to the theme that we have chosen. It is necessary to introduce ourselves and so our readers can connect more with us.

6. Help with plugins

  • In most of the platforms that exist to create blogs, such as WordPress.org, there are a series of totally free applications, which help us to improve not only the aesthetics of the blog but also to facilitate the sharing of content on social networks like with The “digg digg” plugin or help SEO optimization like with “SEO Yoast“. We should always use the Seo tools provided by these platforms to make the most of our blog.

7. Patience

  • The blog is a long-term tool. We can not despair and want to see immediate results.

How to Improve SEO in Your Post

8. Offering help to others

  • When we write a post we have to think if the content can be of help to the readers. Remember that you write for them and have to meet their needs.

9. Better quality than quantity

  • Writing a lot is not synonymous with reaching out to more people. The important thing is the quality of what we write. This is going to make it more shared and therefore it reaches more people.

10. Contents that lead to your goal

  • You have to do a previous analysis of everything you want to publish. You have to keep in mind what your goal is and write articles to help you achieve it.

11. Content of value and quality

  • It has to be a good, structured, efficient content that interests those who can read it. The commercial message does not work. We must show content that brings value to readers. Some people used rewrite content  which is not good for your website it has to be unique and user friendly.

12. Titles with keywords and 58 characters maximum

  • Titles are very important since it is the first thing you see in the article and the first thing you position in search engines. They must contain the keywords and go in accordance with what you write in the text. In traditional journalism we are accustomed to some more poetic and beautiful titles, in the articles of a blog we must seek efficiency in SEO to reach more people better.

13. Putting subtitle and sections

  • It is necessary to divide the texts to facilitate their reading. We help with captions to create paragraphs, and within these bold words so that the reading is scan-able with a glance.

14. Leave air between sections

  • We have to leave space between the different sections so as not to overwhelm in reading. It is no longer worth writing everything together. There is no maximum extent of paper so we can afford to leave ample spaces between the different paragraphs.

15. Use at least 300 words

  • If a text does not reach 300 words Google and the main search engines will not take it into account and therefore will not position in them. There are tools that help us to count the words. The average length of a good text is around 1,000 words.

16. Cite sources and link

  • For some time, Google rewards quality links to pages that have good content. We must try to link some parts of our text to pages that complement the information we are giving. When we create links, it is good to notify the source that we have done so, this will have it in the gutter and may even recommend reading our article.

17. Create visual content

  • Not everything in a blog is text. There are other formats like the info-graphics that show, in a much more visual way in outline form, the information you want to convey. The video is also a very used tool in the form of interviews or tutorials for improvement of SEO.

18. Generate conversation

  • Not everyone in the blog is writing to be read, we should also encourage the participation of readers in the form of input or question. For this we must incorporate in the final part of the post some questions to encourage the reader to comment on the content.

19. Share the post in social networks

  • When we create content, we have to share it! Social networking is one of the basic tools to publicize our post. Show your followers quickly and easily your content to encourage reading.

20. Constancy and routine

  • We must mark times which, as far as possible, must be constant. We must adjust our time and publish periodically to improve SEO. The times we set ourselves and these can be weekly, biweekly or monthly as a general rule. But if you can make more than one publication a week much better, as long as this content is as we have already mentioned, quality and value.
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