15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

SEO, expanded as Search Engine Optimization, is an important process needed to make your website’s visibility prominent through appearance in top search results in search engines like Google. Since you don’t use website builders for SEO we will take a particular note of WordPress websites here and understand how some SEO plugins can help in improving the visibility of WordPress websites. Here are 15 best SEO plugins of 2017 for WordPress websites recommended to improve your website’s overall SEO ranking.

  • Yoast SEO

1/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Yoast is the most popularly downloaded WordPress SEO plugin of all times. It provides a comprehensive solution for your entire SEO requirement, allowing you to add an SEO-customized title, meta description, and meta keywords to all pages and posts of your website. You can also tag pages, inscribe custom title for your main site, archives, and category. As you keep updating your site, Yoast also adds Open Graph meta data, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps and submit them to search engines on its own.

  • SEO Ultimate

2/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

SEO Ultimate is an all-in-one SEO plugin that enables you to effectively manage your meta titles & descriptions, auto-linking, open graph, rich-snippets, 404 monitoring. It has several smart linking functions including inserting a link in content that gets activated as soon as it gets published. SEO ultimate has a fantastic feature of Author Highlighter, which brings to view the Google+ profile of an author in search results.

  • All In One SEO Pack

3/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

ALL In One SEO Pack, another very universally popular plugin, is an easy-to-use and highly compatible for beginners. Being the only plugin that can be integrated to E-commerce wordpress websites, AIO SEO is commonly installed and used by several business websites owners for successfully managing their online business. It is preferred over other plugins for its exclusive features of generating meta tags automatically and creating better titles for improved search rank results.

  • Jetpack

4/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Jetpack is a powerful SEO plugin that ensures high rank of your website through its advanced features and brilliant search engine control. With Jetpack plugin on, your website security, performance, traffic enhancement, image standardization, and website appearance happens smoothly with absolute success. It features superior distribution and enhanced reach of your site by automatically sharing your published data to search engines. Furthermore, it generates sitemaps in order to enable search engines to easily index your website.

  • Akismet

5/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Akismet is most essentially an anti-spam plugin that keeps a check on every comment on your website and filters away the spam messages, comments and annotations. The plugin gives a status report for every comment to enable you to locate the comments that were filtered as spam-generated by Akismet or by moderator. It also aids moderators in viewing the quantity of accepted comments for every user, along with the URLs in the comment section and this way the doubtful links can be deleted. It remains as a free plugin for blogspots and personal websites, while for business websites a subscription is required. There are premium plans that offer superior security solution as well.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

6/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Google XML Sitemaps helps in appropriately indexing your website through several search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. After its activation, it creates an automatic XML sitemap for your website making it convenient to index, helping you with high impact performance in search results. As soon as you publish content or images new on your website, this plugin sends notification to all major search engines.

  • W3 Total Cache

7/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

W3 Total Cache is a useful SEO plugin to enhance your website’s performance in search results. This plugin drastically reduces page loading time and thus optimizes website ranking and performance. It does so by saving the website data for the time being in the cache to make it loads speedily whenever it is opened by the user the subsequently. High speed of opening the website will automatically result in bringing the site on top ranks and delivering more traffic. Besides this, W3 Total cache features page cache, and caching related to database, object and browser and much more.

  • WP Smush

8/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

WP Smush is your smart solution for doing away with slow site speed and for enhancing search optimization. A website full of images is definitely much more appealing and engaging, but images consume considerable storage space and make your website sluggish. With WP Smush plugin’s advanced compression technique, compressing and optimizing images of all formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG) without having to compromise on the image quality becomes a cake walk. This way you also save on the storage space along with having a speedy website inviting enormous traffic.

  • BJ Lazy Load

9/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Similar to WP Smush, BJ Lazy Load counters your problem of imaging loading and space shortage. BJ Lazy Load replaces all your post images, thumbnails, and content iframes with a placeholder and loads all this data when is about to approach the browser screen. It shows the images only while a user gets at scrolling the page, this makes the website load faster while saving bandwidth simultaneously.

  • WP Optimise

10/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

WP Optimise is considered as one of the most reliable and useful SEO plugins for optimizing WordPress websites as it keep your database clean and ordered. It automatically discards the unnecessary data – like spam, trash posts and unapproved comments – from your website without manual instructions or commands. The plugin ensures to keep your database optimized for the best performance, appearance in top search results.

  • Wordfence Security

11/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Website security is the biggest concern that all website owners have. Wordfence Security is a popular and reliable website security plugin which keeps a close monitoring on all your website’s real-time traffic – including logins, logouts, humans, robots and 404 errors, etc. This plugin prevents your website from hackers and effectively blocks malicious networks, attackers and other harmful traffic. It raises an instant awareness if there is any security threat on website and prepares you for taking an instant preventive action. Wordfence Security plugin’s features include firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login security, live traffic monitoring, etc.

  • Broken Link Checker

12/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Broken Link Checker comes across as a handy plugin to prevent your website from all broken links. This plugin does a prompt and regular monitoring of your website’s broken links, missing images, disconnected posts and instantly reports you so that you can fix it. The plugin also performs smartly to save search engines from following broken links, thus saving your website browsers from a disillusioning experience. Broken links can definitely reduce traffic on your website, but Broken Link Checker will take care of it by notifying you in time.

  • SEO Pressor

13/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

SEO Pressor effectively raises organic traffic to your website by optimizing your blog posts through a well guided technique. There are several useful features of SEO Pressor, including keyword analysis that function to optimize your blog posts remarkably. The plugin has a built-in keyword research tool that helps you locate all prominent keywords related to your topic. Then to make your website more search engine friendly, you can create content using those keywords.

  • Redirection

14/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

Redirection is a fairly popular SEO plugin that effectively works to redirect one URL to the other on your website. This plugin can manage 301 redirections; you can keep a check on 404 errors and redirect theme to correct URLs.

  • WP Rich Snippets

15/15 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2017

WP Rich Snippets offers solutions for making your website stand out, to effortlessly catch the searcher’s attention. Even before one opens your website one is able to see what your website is all about in the search result list itself. WP Rich Snippets helps you give star rating to your product reviews, add great looking review widgets on your sidebar or inside the blog post using shortcodes. This plugin is popularly used by business website owners to enhance sales traffic on their websites.

These are some effective and reliable SEO plugins which have been recommended for you for enhanced search optimization of your website. It is advisable to not overdo your website with too many plugins, using one or two good plugins would be fairly appropriate to make your website perform remarkably

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